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FGC UES and EVN NPT Had Several Meetings in Moscow

On 3 October 2018, Izolyator took part in a meeting of the management of the Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System and the state power grid company of Vietnam EVN NPT.

Logo The Public Listed Company Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System (FGC UES PJSC) is one of the largest in the world grid operators, responsible for operation and development of the unified national (all-Russian) power grid. FGC UES PJSC operates in 77 regions of Russia, making a contribution to the achievement of strategic objectives of the social and economic development of Russian Federation and also ensuring power supply to 11 foreign countries. There are over 143 thnd km high-voltage backbone power lines and 944 substations of various voltages under FGC UES’s control. The company is entered in the list of strategic organizations of Russia. The company is headquartered in Moscow. FGC UES is subsidiary of Rosseti PJSC.

Logo EVN National Power Transmission Corporation (EVN NPT) was founded in 2008 with the reorganization of four companies’ activity: Power Transmission Company No. 1, 2, 3, 4 and three Project management offices: Northern, Central and Southern. The goals of the company are: to ensure safe, uninterruptible and sustainable transmission of electric power for economic, political, social, national defense activities and national security; to develop EVN capital, invested in EVN NPT; to rationally use available resources with the purpose of profits maximization and acquiring funds for reinvestment in EVN NPT. The main activities are: to effectively realize electric power transmission, to invest in grid development, to operate, maintain and service the network, to render consulting services in regard to construction and investment, monitoring of project realization, training and developing employees for management, operation and maintenance of the power system. EVN NPT owns more than 100 electric power substations in Vietnam. The company is headquartered in Hanoi.

During its visit to Moscow, the ENV NPT delegation, led by President, General Director Nhuyen Tuong Tung, met with Chairman of the Board of FGC UES Andrey Murov, visited the central dispatch and R&D centers of the company and Russian Energy Week International Forum.

At the meeting, the executives discussed cooperation within the Memorandum of Understanding (2017), including experience exchanges in HV power facilities operation and professional training of staff, with the next training sessions set to take place in Vietnam for EVN NPT specialists using FGC UES’s programs in the 4th quarter of 2018. The sides also discussed technologies exchange, including implementation of innovations in the power industry of Vietnam.

Встреча руководства ФСК ЕЭС и компании EVN NPT

Meeting of FGC UES’s and EVN NPT’s management

Izolyator was represented by Chairman of the Board of Directors Alexander Slavinsky, Commercial Director, 1st Deputy CEO Ivan Panfilov and Head of International Business Development Andrey Shornikov.

Встреча руководства компании EVN NPT и завода «Изолятор»

Meeting of EVN NPT management and Izolyator plant

The delegation from Vietnam visited the control and dispatch center of FGC UES to learn about distant control of power facilities and emergency recovery operations.

At the R&D center of FGC UES (RDC FGC UES), the Vietnamese delegation was demonstrated the work of research experimental areas Superconductivity and Digital Substation, test and certification center, key development and competences in power equipment attestation, energy efficiency, project involving construction and trial operation of high-temperature superconductive cable line in Saint-Petersburg as well as complex solutions for smart grid.

Экскурсия для руководства EVN NPT по НТЦ ФСК ЕЭС

Tour of R&D center of FGC UES for EVN NPT management

EVN NPT accepted A. Murov’s invitation and visited the Russian Energy Week.