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New Reality — New Challenges

On 21 April 2020, CEO of Zavod Izolyator LLC Alexander Slavinsky gave an interview to the official Telegram channel of Rosseti Group @rosseti_official.

New Reality — New Challenges

Rosseti Group — the operator of energy networks in Russia — is one of the largest power companies in the world. The company manages 2,34 million kilometers of power lines and 502 thousand substations with the total transformer capacity of more than 781 thousand MVA.

The complex assets of Rosseti Group are represented by affiliated and dependent companies including interregional and a regional distribution grid company.

Rosseti Group is a leading company in the Russian market in introducing innovative technologies to the main and distribution grid complex.

The controlling shareholder is the State represented by the Federal Agency of the State Property Administering of the Russian Federation.

The epidemic of coronavirus infection is changing the format of work, making adjustments to the usual business processes. How do manufacturers of power equipment feel in current conditions? What lesson does COVID-19 teach the business community? Alexander Slavinsky answers these and other questions.



Experts call the situation with COVID-19 the largest global economic catastrophe since the Great Depression. How does Izolyator assess the situation?

- The history of the Izolyator plant totals more than 120 years. COVID-19 is a serious challenge, a test for stability, the ability to make decisions and fulfill obligations in constantly changing external conditions. I am sure that Izolyator plant, with the support of our strategic partners the Rosseti Group, will come off the test with flying colors.


Are there risks of disruptions in equipment supplies due to the pandemic?

- The situation has sharply shown that the country's economy depends on the stability of domestic manufacturers. Following the problems of equipment supplies from abroad related to political sanctions, paralysis of many industries in Asia and Europe came due to COVID-19.

Rosseti has carried out a systematic work on import substitution and was able to build a pool of reliable manufacturers that cover all the basic needs of the company. I am sure that in current situation, neither the maintenance nor the critical part of the Rosseti investment program will suffer.


How are production and the company as a whole working now?

- The power industry is a critical sector of the economy. In the current conditions, power engineers continue to perform their functions in an enhanced mode, therefore, enterprises providing these functions cannot stop for a minute.

Since March 18, the Izolyator plant introduced a high-readiness regime, everything necessary has been done to protect the health and life of employees. We will fulfill the obligations for our customers in full.


What are the features of your products?

- Izolyator plant is a world leader in the development and production of high-voltage bushings of alternating and direct current in 10 to 1150 kV voltage range. Scope: transformers, reactors, oil switches, wall bushings, and also bushings of generator type and for GIS.

The company includes: a modern production complex, its own design office, technical service and test centers.

The market share in Russia and the CIS countries is about 80 %. Over 120 years, the plant has produced more than 620,000 bushings installed not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but also in 30 countries of the world.

The ambitious tasks of Rosseti give us a serious incentive for development. At one time, we received a request from the company's technical specialists to fix the problem of bushings in emergency stocks, stored for a long time, absorbing moisture, which at the beginning of operation led to equipment failure.

In response, we developed a new technology for manufacturing high-voltage bushings with RIN insulation (resin-impregnated non-woven material), which under any storage conditions is absolutely moisture resistant.

As a result, Rosseti significantly reduced the costs on organization of storage conditions and the replacement of failing bushings while improving the reliability of equipment operation. The new product has also received widespread demand abroad.


What else do you offer power engineers?

- We have always sought to get away from dependence on a single product. And the first step in this direction was recently taken: already this year, a new production will be launched for making 126–550 kV cable sleeves on the basis of the Izolyator plant.

The new production’s capacities should be able to completely meet the demand in high-voltage cable fittings of the entire Russian market, ensuring a deep localization and quality meeting the strictest international standards.

The key consumers of that product range will be federal power grid companies, and above all, Rosseti; domestic transformer plants and switchgear manufacturers. I am sure that we will also be able to effectively compete in the industry markets of CIS and non-CIS countries.


Could you please give examples of successful international projects?

- The balance of supplies within Russia and beyond is one of the keys to the financial and economic stability of our plant.

The main achievement on the international market is the creation in 2018 of a joint venture with an Indian company to manufacture high-voltage bushings with RIP insulation (resin impregnated paper). The creation of the joint venture is indeed a remarkable project not only for the Indian electric power market and Izolyator plant, but also for the global professional community.


How important do you consider the interaction with the Rosseti Group right now?

- We are grateful to Rosseti for the trust and support they are giving our company. Understanding the importance and responsibility, Izolyator plant will do everything to be worthy of this trust. In our person, Rosseti has a dedicated, reliable supplier of modern high-tech products. The Rosseti company gives light to every home. The Izolyator plant, its staff are proud that there is also a piece of our input in this big work.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones!


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