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REAL TOK online forum — Electric Power Industry 2021: Trends, Solutions, Prospects

On 21 December 2020, Izolyator plant participated in the REAL TOK online forum — Electric Power Industry 2021: Trends, Solutions, Prospects.

Online Forum REAL TOK — Electricity 2021: Trends, Solutions, Prospects

Group SVEL became the forum’s organizer.

SVEL Group

SVEL Group is a leader among national manufacturers of the electrotechnical equipment.

It is a producer of power dry-type and oil-immersed transformers, provider of solutions in electric power quality improvement and electric network protection.

SVEL Group is also taking advantage of its cutting edge technologies to be a reliable provider in such products as switchgears, packaged transformer substations, instrument transformers, circuit breakers and disconnectors.

Three topics were raised and discussed by twelve speakers: the outcomes of 2020, the changes that have taken place, the prospects for the development of the energy sector.

‘The idea to hold the event came up when we learned that this year the International Forum ‘Power Grids’ was postponed to the next year. We are accustomed to this platform of open communication, exchange of news and discussion of plans for the future, and we thought that we could organize communication in an online format’, said Anton Tugolukov, Deputy General Director of SVEL Group, who moderated the event.

Online Forum REAL TOK — Electricity 2021: Trends, Solutions, Prospects

REAL TOK online forum — Electric Power Industry 2021: Trends, Solutions, Prospects, organized by SVEL Group

Despite the fact that most of the participants are direct competitors, a lively and constructive dialogue turned out, which indicates the maturity of the industry in general and its representatives in particular.

The speakers of the forum spoke optimistically about the results of the outgoing year, noting that despite the difficulties that arose, companies are not slowing down, but rather introducing new solutions and developing in accordance with their plans.

In his speech, Alexander Slavinsky, Chief Executive Officer of Zavod Izolyator LLC, emphasized that the unforeseen announcement of a pandemic in the first quarter of 2020 led to radical changes in all plans for 2020 concerning both the internal development of the company and the implementation of joint projects with the participation of numerous overseas partners.

In those conditions, one of the top priorities of Izolyator was organization and maintenance of regular remote interaction with all its partners, and especially with Russian transformer plants. At the same time, the main goal remained the same and consisted in the fulfillment of all previously assumed obligations and providing maximum service level and support to all partners across the entire spectrum of arising issues.

The Izolyator’s experience has shown that with the transition to the remote communication forms, the number of working contacts with partners has increased more than three times, and due to the simplicity of organizing communication sessions, the efficiency of interaction has significantly increased.

Online Forum REAL TOK — Electricity 2021: Trends, Solutions, Prospects

Izolyator representatives — participants of the REAL TOK online forum — Electric Power Industry 2021: Trends, Solutions, Prospects

Within the framework of the forum, four round tables were held with the following participants.

Transformer Equipment: Alexander Zamula (Togliatti Transformer), Yuri Loktev (Siemens Transformers), Natalia Tabueva (SVEL Group).

Components for electrical equipment: Alexander Slavinsky (Zavod Izolyator), Maria Pastor (Hitachi ABB), Dragomir Hristov (Hyundai Heavy Industries).

Monitoring systems: Valery Rusov (Dimrus), Nikolay Gorokhov (Pergam-Engineering), Andrey Laptev (Intera).

Relay protection and automation: Dmitry Kharitonov (Scientific and Technical Center ‘Mekhanotronika’), Evgeny Nikolaev (NPP Bresler scientific and production enterprise), Alexey Kosolapov (Scientific and Production Enterprise ‘Ekra’).

The forum was viewed by over 750 people, asking over 70 questions in the chat.

The full recording of the discussion can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the SVEL Group.