Labour Day is celebrated in the Moscow Region

On 20 April 2017, the city district of Istra was honoring personnel, labour dynasties’ representatives and veterans on the eve of the Labor Day.


The city district of Istra is one of the most rapidly developing municipalities of the Moscow region, named among top 10 by many indicators. The social and economic development of the district is enjoying a stable growth. 7000 companies registered in the district give more than 48 thnd jobs, which makes 70 % of working-age population.

Representatives of the Government of the Moscow Region, Moscow Region Duma, Deputies Council deputies and Chairman, Head of District Administration Alexander Skvortsov arrived for congratulating Istra workers to the museum and convention center New Jerusalem.

Andrey Dunaev, Head of Administration of the city district, read the Governor Alexey Vorobyov’s address to the audience.

“There are many labour and industry dynasties in the Moscow region. Among our priorities and tasks, that we face, are modernization of existing plants and creation of new facilities to the most advanced technologies and having good working environment in various sectors”, it was said in the address.

Almost 40 various awards were given during the evening – to plants’ staff, family labour dynasties, managers and workers of the Istra city district industrial residents.

Sergey Moisseev, General Director of Izolyator was awarded a Thank you Letter of the Moscow Region Governor for his “Efficient industrial management. Power sector” nomination in the regional round of Manager of the year 2016.


The original Thank you letter in Russian (PDF 700 KB)

Labour Day Celebrated in the Moscow Region

Workers of the Istra city district, awarded on the eve of Labor Day in the Moscow Region