Indian colleagues learned in detail about the culture of high-voltage bushings production

From April 8 to April 12, 2024, a group of representatives from MIM Pvt. Ltd. from India got acquainted with the organizational processes and culture of high-voltage bushings production at Izolyator-VV Production Complex of the Izolyator Group.

MIM Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and tests high-voltage bushings with internal RIP insulation for power equipment in India, sells them and provides after-sales technical support in the countries of South Asia. The enterprise is approved by Power Grid Corporation of India Limited as supplier of HV bushings up to 420 kV. MIM products are also certified by the largest Indian state-owned energy company NTPC Limited and a number of regional power grid companies in India. The MIM production facilities and office is located at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan.

The Indian colleagues became familiar with production processes in detail, including mechanical treatment and technical control of high-voltage bushing parts, assembly, testing, packaging and warehousing of finished products. At the same time, special attention was given to the technical and organizational level of production and work culture.

Representatives of MIM Pvt. Ltd. from India are getting acquainted with the culture of high-voltage bushings production at Izolyator-VV Production Complex

All technological operations received detailed comment from leading specialists of Izolyator-VV Production Complex.

Specialists of Izolyator-VV Production Complex provide detailed explanations for each technological operation

While learning about the production culture, the guests clearly saw how compliance with the requirements of technological discipline and advanced equipment affect production efficiency and the quality of the final product.

Representatives of MIM Pvt. Ltd. and employees of the Izolyator Group who acquainted the guests with the production

According to the general opinion of Indian colleagues, the experience they have acquired is extremely useful for raising to a new level and further developing the production culture at MIM Pvt. Ltd.