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Environmental management

The overriding goal of Izolyator Plant Environmental Policy is to minimize the effect of the enterprise activities on the environment.

Environmental protection is the enterprise management priority, and includes the following measures:

  • Meeting requirements set out by environmental and sanitation-and-epidemiological legislation of the RF;
  • Management of all environmental resources;
  • Reduction in emitted contaminants;
  • Introduction of new materials and processes to minimize the industrial burden on the environment;
  • Safe operations of the equipment, timely upgrade of obsolete equipment;
  • Prevention of emergencies;
  • Regular assessment of the enterprise impact on the environment;
  • Creation of awareness and open dialog with the public concerning the environment and environmental protection around the enterprise area;
  • Implementation of the Izolyator Plant annual environment management program including the following sections:
    • Air protection;
    • Production wastewater and storm water treatment;
    • Collection and temporary storage of production and consumption waste.

Measurements and analysis are done by the Central Plant Laboratory, and by other cetified laboratories.

The enterprise plans are to certify the Environmental Management System under ISO 14001:2007.