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Questions and answers

Does the plant manufacture supporting insulators and suspended insulators for power supply lines?

No, it doesn't. The plant develops, manufactures and services feed through insulators — high-voltage bushings rated from 20 to 1150 kV and designed for mains transformers, shunt reactors, oil circuit breakers, SF6 factory-assembled switch-gears along with wall high-voltage bushings

What are terms of delivery for the products?

Terms of delivery depend on voltage ratings of the bushings to be ordered. For example, the term of delivery for serial 110 kV bushings is within 45 days, for 220 kV bushings is within 60 days, etc.

What is a guarantee term for the bushings being manufactured by the plant?

Guarantee terms are agreed with customers and then fixed by purchase and sale agreements.

Could I ask you for the replacement of a foreign-made bushing?

Yes, of course. Our design office is able to develop and tailor a serial bushing keeping in mind your environment and ensuring the full identity of electrical specifications along with mounting and connection dimensions.