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The 6th Seminar for Engineering Managers Employed by Non-Resident Enterprises within the Inter RAO Group, Georgia

Izolyator company took part in the 6th seminar for engineering managers employed by non-resident enterprises within the Inter RAO Group. The seminar, held on 28-29 May 2014 in Tbilisi, was hosted by Telasi JSC, a major Georgia-based network company.

Izolyator company was represented by:

Alexander Slavinsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Konstantin Sipilkin, R & D Director

The participants were presented with a report titled "The Specifics of Production and Supply of Izolyator Company Products"

The seminar provided some positive feedback on the operation of Izolyator-made high-voltage bushings operated by Telasi network company. The efforts to improve the engineering level of production and reliability of Izolyator-made high-voltage bushings were also viewed positively.

We thank Inter RAO Group and Telasi JSC for their efforts.