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Trouble-proof transformer 2.0

On April 9, 2015, Izolyator took part in a seminar for managers and specialists responsible for uninterruptible power supply ‘Trouble-proof transformer 2.0’ in the city of Nizhny Novgorod.

The seminar was organized by Delta Trafo LTd and RIM Ltd.

The Nizhny Novgorod based Delta Trafo Ltd has designed, produced, modernized and serviced power, furnace, traction and autotransformers up to 252 kV class for machine building, metallurgy, rail, oil and gas, shipbuilding and chemical industries for 45 years.

RIM Ltd is a power engineering company focuses on diagnostics, maintenance and modernization of power, furnace and autotransformers up to 252 kV class as well as transformers used on rolling stock of the Russian railroads.

The main topics covered at the seminar were:

Power transformers diagnostics and condition monitoring

High-voltage bushings repair and maintenance

High-voltage bushings manufacture

Transformer components

Design and production abilities

Power transformers maintenance at the operator premises

Izolyator was represented by:

Alexander Slavinsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors with an opening speech to the participants;

Yury Nikitin, Chief Designer with a report on HV bushings with RIP insulation manufacture and R & D activities;

Dmitry Mashinistov, Head of Department at SVN-Service with  a report on Service and Maintenance of RIP-insulated HV bushings, Measurements and modernization of bushings in operation.

The seminar’s highly topical program and practical orientation allowed specialists to raise their professional level.

According to participants, the event provided opportunity of face-to-face contact of equipment designers and manufacturers and operators serving a good platform for experience sharing and qualified consultation.

We would like to thank Delta Trafo Ltd and RIM Ltd for invitation and seminar organization. Our special thanks to the organizers for complete photo-report materials.

Trouble-proof transformer 2.0 Seminar participants in Nizhny Novgorod

Trouble-proof transformer 2.0 Seminar participants in Nizhny Novgorod