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Izolyator Plant Turned 120!


The history of high-voltage bushings production in Russia is inseparably associated with Izolyator company. This year, one of the global leaders in high-voltage bushings production and Russia’s sole maker able to design, manufacture and test AC and DC bushings for high and ultra-high voltages is celebrating the 120th Anniversary.

Izolyator plant was founded on 6 June 1896 on the outskirts of Moscow in Vsehsvyatskoe village. Already in 1905, the products that it made were awarded a prestigious gold medal at the electrical engineering exhibition in Brussels. After the revolution of 1917, it was nationalized and during GOELRO plan realization became one of the base enterprises on bushings and insulation production in the new country.

During the years of the WWII, the production facilities were used for the defense industry. The plant was supplying its products to the power stations in the country’s east and to the reconstructed power networks of the liberated western territories while fulfilling orders from the defense industry.

In the post-war years, the power industry in Russia developed rapidly, the voltages grew higher, so the plant developed. In the 1990ies, the plant produced oil-filled bushings for transformers, reactors, oil switches, line bushings for voltage classes 35–1150 kV, composite SF6-oil bushings for ±400 and 750 kV switchgears and SF6-insulated bushings for 110, 220, 330 and 500 kV classes.

In 2002–2004, a unique and proprietary RIP insulation technology was developed for mass production. Before that time, RIP bushings were not mass-produced in Russia, and were only assembled of imported insulation cores. The mass-produced RIP bushings are highly reliable and have a long operation life.

In 2007, the plant was relocated to Istra region of the Moscow Region.

Today, Izolyator is a modern advanced technology enterprise, fitted-out with the latest equipment, able to design, manufacture and test bushings of alternating and direct current in the 12–1200 kV range. The manufacturing facility allows making of 12,000 high-voltage bushings a year.

The company includes the modern Izolyator plant with a 24 000 square meters production floor, a service center SVN-Service, a specialized design bureau and a test center. 

The production facility is designed to produce 12,000 high-voltage bushings annually. The company constantly expands HV bushings range by introducing new designs and improving and modernizing existing designs. In its 120 year history, the plant has made more than 570 thnd HV bushings that are operating in the majority of power facilities across Russia and the CIS countries and 26 other countries in the world.

The company is proud to have employed over 100 labor dynasties with many of those working here to date.

“Century-long traditions, state-of-the-art technologies” — these words became a motto for those who work at the plant which is justifiably believed a global leader in design and manufacture of high-voltage bushings.

Izolyator’s modern production facility in Pavlovskaya Sloboda, Moscow Region