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Instruction Film About Izolyator Bushings Installation

Izolyator has produced a video instruction for partners and customers “Installation of high-voltage RIP bushings made by Izolyator”.

In the video, bottom terminal and draw-lead type HV bushings installation processes are detailed on the example of a 500 kV bottom terminal bushing and a 220 kV draw-lead type transformer bushing installation.

The high-voltage bushing is an important transformer component that ensures its reliable, fault-free and endurable operation.

Izolyator has successfully developed RIP bushings of up to 800 kV voltages for fifteen years. Mass use of RIP bushings in Russia and power industry of other countries shows that the most important stage for a sound bushing operation is its installation in a transformer.

Due to RIP insulation design features this operation has substantial differences from analogues and requires careful study and full compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

In the video, bushings with oil filled porcelain external insulation are used as demonstration example. Bushings with other types of external insulation are installed similarly.

Correct installation and measurements provide a solid basis for a bushing’s fault-free operation over many years. That is why it is important to pay your special attention to following the instructions detailed in this video.

The film is available for viewing on Izolyator page on YouTube following the link on Izolyator corporate website.


A frame from the film about Izolyator bushings installation