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Izolyator No. 1/2020

On 28 April 2020, the next issue of Izolyator corporate edition, No. 1/2020, was published, which is devoted to the results of the first quarter of this year, as well as to the main directions and plans for work.

The key topic of the issue reveals general principles and a practical approach to ensuring the stable functioning of the enterprise in the context of countering the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

How does a power equipment manufacturer feel in the circumstances and how does it respond to an unforeseen challenge? How is in these special conditions the interaction with customer companies done? Finally, what are the first lessons of a new reality? The reader will find answers to these and other questions on the pages of the proposed publication.

We thank all the participants in the events described, whom we consider to be full-fledged co-authors of the Izolyator corporate edition!

We invite you to work together on the coming issues and we will be happy to see any materials about our cooperation and key trends of development of the electric power industry.

We are looking forward for your comments and suggestions for publication in our edition at:

(PDF19.52 MB)

Izolyator No. 1/2020 (PDF 19.52 MB)