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Presentation of RIN bushings for Grid Company of Tatarstan

On 8 October 2020, Izolyator held a remote presentation ‘High-voltage bushings with RIN-insulation’ at the Grid Company of Tatarstan.

Grid Company

The Grid Company is involved in transmission and distribution of electric power in Tatarstan and creates conditions for connecting new consumers to the grid.

By the transmission capacity, the company enters top 10 power grids in Russia.

The Grid company is the only territorial utility in Russia to have power facilities of 0.4 up to 500 kV voltages.

The audience of the event was made up of technical specialists from all branches of the Grid Company.

Izolyator was represented at the presentation by Director of Strategic Sales Alexander Savinov and Lead Technical Support Specialist Victor Kiryukhin.

Presentation of RIN bushings for Grid Company of Tatarstan

Remote presentation of Izolyator plant in the Grid Company of Tatarstan about high-voltage bushings with RIN-insulation

High-voltage bushings with RIN-insulation were comprehensively considered from the point of view of conditions, advantages and prospects of their use, adopted design and technological solutions, operation and diagnostics features, and also from the outlook of key trends in the development of the power grid complex.

In-depth and detailed explanations were given on certain aspects of the presentation topic, taking into account the special professional interest of the audience.

Presentation of RIN bushings for Grid Company of Tatarstan

Technical specialists of the Grid Company branches — the audience of the remote presentation ‘High-voltage bushings with RIN-insulation’

The event was held with great practical benefit for both companies, once again proving the convenience and evident effectiveness of remote modes for public formats of business communication.