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Video Conference with Participation of Leading Transformer Plants of Saudi Arabia

On 6 July 2020, Izolyator had a video conference with participation of representatives of technical and marketing divisions of the leading transformer plants of Saudi Arabia.

Видеоконференция с участием ведущих трансформаторных заводов Саудовской Аравии

Cooperation of Russia and Saudi Arabia is based on a variety of factors that determine the complementarity of the economies of the two countries.

The leadership of Saudi Arabia considers obtaining and mastering the latest technologies as one of the main strategic tasks. Russia possesses such technologies in various fields, including power engineering and the production of electrical equipment.

It is equally important that, unlike in many countries, Russian developments are more effective and less costly. It is also important that, as experience shows, Russia is more open and more disposed to share its achievements in the scientific and technical field.

For foreign entrepreneurs and Russian business as well, the attractiveness of the Saudi Arabian market lies in its large capacity, resistance to market fluctuations and high solvency.

Izolyator was represented by the Market of High-voltage Bushings in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries project team, led by Yaroslav Sedov, Head of Marketing Department and Project Manager.

The Market of High-voltage Bushings in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries project team at a video conference with participation of leading transformer plants of Saudi Arabia, 3d on R — Yaroslav Sedov

The topic of the discussion is technical and commercial issues related to the adaptation of Izolyator plant products to the requirements of the market of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf countries, as well as the prospects for organizing test deliveries of Izolyator high-voltage bushings to Saudi Arabia.

At the beginning of the videoconference, the parties exchanged views on the general situation in the high-voltage equipment markets of Russia and Saudi Arabia, which developed under the influence of the global coronavirus pandemic COVID-19, and also discussed the possible consequences both in the short and long term.

Video conference call with representatives of Saudi Arabia's leading transformer plants at Izolyator plant

Further, the videoconference participants dwelt in detail on issues related to the technical requirements for high-voltage bushings in Saudi Arabia. The Russian side presented product samples specifically designed for the Saudi market, including high-voltage bushings with RIP insulation.

Discussing technical issues of cooperation

In the concluding part of the video conference, the parties discussed some details about the structure of the transformer market of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian gulf countries and assessed opportunities and prospects of large joint projects.

According to the project manager, the conference went in a warm and friendly atmosphere of lively communication, which fully corresponds to the high level of Russian-Saudi relations. All the tasks that the project team set for itself before the videoconference have been fully implemented. This gives confidence that the project will continue successfully, despite some delay caused by the pandemic.

In turn, the colleagues from Saudi Arabia expressed their readiness to comprehensively expand cooperation immediately after the removal of all restrictive anti-epidemiological measures.