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Plant tour for students of the Istra branch of Krasnogorsk College

On 24 September 2021, a plant tour and a quest for students of the Istra branch of Krasnogorsk College took place at the Izolyator Production Complex.

Красногорский колледж — крупный образовательный холдинг Московской областиKrasnogorsk College is a large educational holding in the Moscow Region. The number of students is over 3200 people.
The college provides training, advanced training and retraining of mid-level specialists and skilled workers and employees.
For many years, the educational institution has maintained a leading position in the ranking of educational organizations in the vocational education system of the Moscow Region.
Since 2019, Krasnogorsk College received the status of a federal innovation platform.

The visit was organized as part of a social partnership arrangement between Krasnogorsk College and Izolyator. Sightseers were first-year students — CNC machine operator majors.

The excursion was preceded by safety orientation and acquaintance with the history of the Izolyator plant in the corporate museum.

IMG_2032_.jpgSafety orientation on labor protection before visiting the production facility

Then, Lead Technical Support Specialist Victor Kiryukhin, showed a group of students through the entire technological cycle of production and testing of high-voltage bushings, making a longer stop in the mechanical treatment shop near numerically controlled machines, since students are trained in that profession.

IMG_2059_.jpgAcquaintance with the technology of assembling bushings for high and ultrahigh voltage classes

The students visited the test center of the Izolyator Production Complex and were delighted with the modern equipment and the complexity of the tests performed there.

IMG_2048_.jpgStudents of the Istra branch of the Krasnogorsk College in the test center of the Izolyator Production Complex

After the excursion, the students enthusiastically answered the questions of the quest ‘Let there be light!’, which was prepared and conducted by employees of the Izolyator corporate university. The questions were drawn up on the basis of the excursion listened to, several tasks of the quest were of an applied nature.

IMG_2066_.jpgFascinating joint work on the questions of the quest ‘Let there be light!’

Based on the results of the quest, the entire group was awarded with diplomas of winners and certificates of participants, as well as corporate souvenirs of the enterprise.

IMG_2080_.jpgAwarding diplomas of winners and certificates of participants based on the results of the quest

In turn, the students thanked for the interesting and educational activities, wishing Izolyator further success and development.

IMG_2088_.jpgThe plant tour and the quest were both fun and useful

All students expressed intention to take their internships at the enterprise, and in the future to work here.