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Friendly matches Izolyator — Velkom

С 19 октября по 10 ноября 2021 года прошла серия дружеских матчей по волейболу и мини-футболу между Группой компаний «Изолятор» и Мясокомбинатом «Павловская Слобода».

Pavlovskaya SlobodaThe trade mark of the Pavlovskaya Sloboda Meat Processing Plant — Velkom — is well known in the Moscow region, and the enterprise itself is located in the village of Pavlovskaya Sloboda in the Istra City District, next to the Izolyator Production Complex.

There were three volleyball matches and the same number of futsal matches.

 friendly volleyball matchA friendly volleyball match between the Pavlovskaya Sloboda Meat Processing Plant and Izolyator Group

Friendly gameFriendly game of futsal teams

All games were played in a special, friendly atmosphere, where it is not so much the result on the scoreboard that matters, but the pleasure of communication, the exchange of positive emotions and the excellent mood of the players and fans of both teams.

The main prizeThe main prize of a friendly match is a great mood

See you next time, friends!See you next time, friends!

This series of matches strengthened the good-neighborly relations between the two companies, promoting the development of corporate sports and the growth of social activity in the city district of Istra.

We look forward to new matches, new friends and bold initiatives! The doors of our sports hall are always hospitably open!