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Master's Day at Tulenergo was held with the participation of the Izolyator Group

On 13 April 2023 the Izolyator Group gave a technical seminar as part of the Master's Day, which was held at the Tulenergo branch of the interregional distribution grid company ‘Rosseti Centre and Volga Region’.

Interregional distribution grid company ‘Rosseti Centre and Volga Region’ is the main provider of electricity transmission and electric grid connection services in the Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Tula Regions, as well as the Republic of Mari El and Udmurt Republic. The company is headquartered in Nizhny Novgorod. Rosseti Centre and Volga Region is part of the Rosseti Group.

Master's Day is held annually in the branches of ‘Rosseti Centre’ and ‘Rosseti Centre and Volga Region’ to improve the level of production control and improve the quality of equipment operation. Enterprises — of electric power equipment manufacturers and other partners of the Rosseti Group are invited to the event as participants.

This year, the Master's Day was held on the basis of the Suvorovsky District of Tulenergo Electric Networks in the city of Suvorov, Tula Region.

Head office of the Tulenergo branch of the interregional distribution grid company ‘Rosseti Centre and Volga Region’, Tula (photo: Rosseti)

The the Izolyator Group’s seminar was delivered by Head of Sales (Russia) Mikhail Boichenko and Head of SVN-Service Department of R&D Center Alexey Pilyugin.

The audience of the seminar consisted of representatives of the management of technical departments and line personnel of electrical substations of the Tulenergo branch.

Technical seminar of the Izolyator Group as part of the Master's Day at the Tulenergo branch of the interregional distribution grid company ‘Rosseti Centre and Volga Region’

At the beginning of the seminar, the structure of the Izolyator Group, the scope of activities and tasks of each of its divisions, the applications and range of products manufactured by the group's enterprises were presented.

Then, taking into account the extensive experience, the specifics of selection, storage, installation and operation of Izolyator high-voltage bushings were considered. At the same time, each aspect was accompanied by reasonable and repeatedly verified recommendations.

A separate part of the seminar was devoted to high-voltage bushings with especially water-resistant internal RIN insulation — their advantages, characteristics, design and technological features and prospects for widespread use at Rosseti power facilities.

Part of the seminar dedicated to high-voltage bushings with particularly water-resistant internal RIN insulation

In the final part of the seminar the management and technical specialists of Tulenergo were familiarized with partnership training programs of the Izolyator corporate university — an important and relevant component of advanced training for line personnel of the power grid.

The seminar was accompanied by an open and interested dialogue, during which the audience received detailed explanations and comprehensive answers to all questions that arose.