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The management of the ERSO electrotechnical holding got acquainted with the potential of the Izolyator Group’s enterprises

On 7 July 2023, the management of the ERSO electrotechnical holding visited the enterprises of the Izolyator Group.

The electrical engineering ERSO Holding (Energy Solutions) is focused on integrated equipment and implementation of new construction projects, reconstruction, and modernization of energy facilities. ERSO occupies a leading position in Russia in terms of the rated power of manufactured transformers — more than 50 thousand MVA. The product line includes more than 3.5 thousand units of transformer and reactor equipment with voltage from 0.5 to 1150 kV, power up to 630 MVA. ERSO Holding was created on the basis of Elektrozavod enterprises by the decision of Sistema Public Joint Stock Financial Corporation. The holding includes a design bureau, service and testing centers, advanced laboratories and production sites, including Elektrozavod in Moscow and Ufa Transformer Plant in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Talks between the management of the ERSO Holding and the Izolyator Group took place. The guests visited the corporate museum, the Izolyator Production Complex for the production of high-voltage bushings, and the Izolyator-AKS high-voltage cable accessories plant.

Visit of the management of the ERSO Holding to the enterprises of the Izolyator Group

The ERSO delegation, headed by the CEO Aleksandr Trishin, also included, Vice President Procurement and Logistics Mikhail Rykov, Deputy General Director Production Alexander Osyka and Director of the Ufa Transformer Plant Leonid Khokhlov.

The guests were received by the Head of the Izolyator Group Alexander Slavinsky and OEM Sales Director Maxim Zagrebin.

Visit of the ERSO Holding’s executives to the Izolyator Group, (L-R): Maxim Zagrebin, Deputy General Director for Production of the ERSO Holding Alexander Osyka, Alexander Slavinsky, CEO of the ERSO Holding Aleksandr Trishin, Vice President for Procurement and Logistics of the ERSO Holding Mikhail Rykov and Director of the Ufa Transformer Plant Leonid Khokhlov

At the talks, the parties discussed common goals and current issues of the strategy formulation for further cooperation, considered the most promising joint projects, outlined a set of measures to improve interaction in the course of the practical implementation of existing agreements.

Talks between the management of the ERSO Holding and the Izolyator Group

In the corporate museum, with its variety of documentary materials, the guests got a thorough introduction to the history of Izolyator from the founding of the plant at the end of the 19th century to its transformation into a group of companies today.

The guests are getting acquainted with the historical milestones of the Izolyator Group

In the Izolyator Production Complex, the management of the ERSO Holding was presented in sequence all the technological stages of manufacturing, testing and preparation for shipment of finished high-voltage bushings, as well as the associated production equipment and its capabilities.

Overview of the winding station of the main insulation of high-voltage bushings

Acquaintance with the technology of manufacturing the internal insulation of high-voltage bushings by polymerization under pressure

At the assembly shop

Inspection of test center equipment

At the electrochemical laboratory

At the Izolyator-AKS plant, the guests got acquainted with another business line of the Izolyator Group — the production and testing of 126 to 550 kV high-voltage cable accessories. They saw the equipment of the workshops, the most modern to date, and finished products, and familiarized themselves with the design of cable accessories for various purposes.

The guests are getting acquainted with the components of high-voltage cable accessories

Overview of technological equipment used for production of high-voltage cable accessories at the Izolyator-AKS plant

In the laboratory for acceptance testing of cable accessories

While seeing the enterprises of the Izolyator Group, the guests drew attention to the exhibition space set up to demonstrate the results of non-production creative activities and hobbies of staff members, as well as for expositions on topical social and corporate topics.

Seeing of the exposition of a specially created exhibition space

At the end of the meeting, the leaders of the ERSO Holding and the Izolyator Group expressed their firm intention to continue cooperation on the basis of joint decisions taken during that day.