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XXV Power Grids International Forum

From 5 to 8 September 2023, the Izolyator Group took part in the XXV Power Grids International Forum in Moscow.

Power Grids International Forum (PGIF) is one of the largest events in the electric power industry, aimed at uniting the professional community to discuss and solve priority tasks for the development of the power grid complex, increasing its reliability and efficiency. The Forum’s objectives are identifying key areas of import substitution, planning of interaction on optimization and automation of business processes, development of standard package solutions for ‘intellectualization’ and information capacity of the industry. The forum is held annually on the territory of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy in Moscow.

At the exhibition accompanying the forum, the Izolyator Group presented its products — high-voltage bushings with especially moisture-resistant internal RIN insulation and high-voltage cable accessories, as well as the products of their partner company — instrument transformers for voltages up to 440 kV inclusive.

A high-voltage bushing with particularly moisture-resistant internal RIN insulation is one of the samples of products from the Izolyator Group presented at the XXV Power Grids International Forum in Moscow

The delegation of the Izolyator Group included sales managers and employees of regional and industry responsibility, the Izolyator-AKS high-voltage cable accessories plant, and the communications department.

Overseas countries sales managers of the Izolyator Group at the XXV Power Grids International Forum

Sales and Business Development Director OEM of Izolyator Group Maxim Zagrebin

Samples of products from the Izolyator Group, including a 126 kV transformer bushing and a 252 kV cable joint, were demonstrated as part of the exposition of the partner enterprise, the ATF plant from Togliatti.

Exhibition stand of the ATF plant, where samples of Izolyator high-voltage equipment were exhibited

Representatives of the Izolyator Group toured the exhibition and had several meetings with current and potential partners, where prospects, current issues and plans for the development of mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation were discussed.

A partner meeting

In two pavilions of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, covering an area of more than 6,000 square meters, the products of 173 Russian and foreign companies were presented.

One of the pavilions of the XXV Power Grids International Forum at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy in Moscow

The business program of the forum and demonstration of the latest developments was attended by scientific, design, construction, and organizations and electric grid complex operators of Russia and other countries; manufacturers of electrical equipment and power transmission line elements; developers and manufacturers of automation, communications, diagnostics of equipment and power lines, electricity metering; software developers and manufacturers; educational institutions and industry media.

Exhibition within the framework of the XXV Power Grids International Forum

This year, PGIF celebrated its 25th anniversary and continues to be one of the largest exhibition venues for demonstrating technologies and equipment for the electric power industry.

Based on materials from the XXV Power Grids International Forum and the Electric Power. Transmission and Distribution Journal — the general information partner of PGIF-2023.