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Representatives of the NIPIgazpererabotka engineering center got acquainted with the production of high-voltage insulating equipment

On 10 April 2023 employees of the project office for construction of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex of the NIPIgazpererabotka engineering center visited the enterprises of the Izolyator Group.

NIPIgazpererabotka (NIPIGAS) is a leading Russian engineering company. Company is engaged in design and engineering, procurement, logistics and construction management in all petroleum market sectors: gas processing, natural gas liquefaction, petrochemistry, petroleum refining, petroleum products transportation and infrastructure. NIPIGAS was founded in 1972 as the lead institute specializing in petroleum gas processing and subordinated to the Ministry of Oil Industry.

The Amur Gas Chemical Complex (AGCC), a joint venture between SIBUR Holding and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), will become one of the world's largest and most modern base polymer plants. The project involves the construction of a complex for the production of polyethylene and polypropylene with a total capacity of 2.7 million tons per year.

NIPIGAZ is one of the contractors and the general designer of the complex.

The purpose of the visit of the experts of the project office is acquaintance with the production of modern high-voltage insulating equipment.

The visiting experts were Logistics Director Alexey Sobina and Logistics Expert Evgeny Kravtsov.

The guests were received by Head of the Izolyator Group Alexander Slavinsky, Sales and Business Development Director (Russia) Alexander Savinov and OEM Sales Director Maxim Zagrebin.

Negotiations and a tour to the production facilities of high-voltage bushings and high-voltage cable accessories took place.

Experts of the project office for construction of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex of the NIPIgazpererabotka engineering center visiting the enterprises of the Izolyator Group: Logistics Director Alexey Sobina (L) and Logistics Expert Evgeny Kravtsov (2nd R)

At the talks, the parties discussed topical issues and prospects of cooperation development.

Talks at the Izolyator Group

During the tour to the Izolyator Production Complex, the guests were shown all the technological stages of manufacturing high-voltage bushings in detail: preparation of parts and assemblies, assembly, testing, packaging in transport containers and preparation for shipment to the customer.

At the materials and components warehouse

Acquaintance with the materials used in the production of internal insulation of high-voltage bushings

Demonstration of equipment used for winding the main insulation of high-voltage bushings

Acquaintance with the technology of impregnation with an electrical insulating compound and polymerization of the main insulation of the bushings

Internal insulation as the main structural part of the high-voltage bushing

Bushings of extra-high voltage classes are of special interest

In the test center of the Izolyator Production Complex

The final stage of the technological cycle is the packaging of high-voltage bushings in shipping containers

Shipment of finished products to the customer

At the Izolyator-AKS high-voltage cable accessories plant, the guests were shown the most modern technological equipment, main parts and samples of finished products.

Acquaintance with technologies and equipment for the production of high-voltage cable accessories at the Izolyator-AKS plant

Inspection of deflectors made of semi-conductive silicone — parts of outdoor terminations and cable joints

The design of a 126 kV dry outdoor termination is studied

Acquaintance with the equipment of the laboratory for acceptance testing of cable accessories

The guests also got familiar with the centers of corporate life of the Izolyator Group — an exhibition space and its own sports facility.

Viewing the exposition of the artwork exhibition space created to demonstrate and develop the creative abilities of employees of the Izolyator Group

In the sports hall of the Izolyator Group

The demonstration of the technological equipment of the Izolyator Group’s enterprises was accompanied by explanations and detailed answers to all the questions of the guests.