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Business development with Southeast Asian companies in line with the priorities of strategic partnership

From 5 to 13 October 2023, the Izolyator Group had a series of meetings with management representatives of energy and electrical companies in Vietnam and Indonesia.

After the meetings, Vietnamese and Indonesian companies expressed great interest in establishing and developing cooperation with the Izolyator Group, including soonest consideration of the official suppliers lists applications of Izolyator.

The first steps towards practical interaction have been outlined within the scope of production and procurement plans formed by the companies.

While the Izolyator Group has had successful cooperation track record with Vietnamese companies, this was the first visit to enterprises in Indonesia, meeting and establishing contacts with potential partners.

We visited production facilities of the following companies to have negotiations:

EVN National Power Transmission Corporation (EVN NPT), a state-owned power grid company headquartered in Hanoi;
Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation (EEMC) — manufacturer of electrical equipment with a plant in Hanoi;

PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero), a state-owned energy company, headquartered in Jakarta;
PT. Trafoindo Prima Perkasa — manufacturer of medium voltage transformer equipment, plant in Tangerang;
PT. Elsewedy Electric Indonesia — manufacturer of power transformers with voltages up to 500 kV, plant in Bogor;
PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik — manufacturer of transformer equipment with voltage up to 150 kV, plant in Bekasi;
PT. XD Sakti Indonesia — manufacturer of power transformers with voltages up to 500 kV, plant in Bekasi;
PT. Bambang Djaja (B&D Transformer), a manufacturer of transformers with voltages up to 275 kV.

The Izolyator Group was represented by the Senior Sales Manager — Asia & America Denis Grankin at the talks which facilitated by the regional partners: VIGI International Development and Investment Company Limited in Vietnam and PT. Tri Mitra Elektrik in Indonesia.

Denis Grankin in the office of PT. Tri Mitra Elektrik in Tangerang, Indonesia

The Izolyator Group’s representative was given a warm welcome at a high level everywhere meeting members of the boards of directors, vice presidents, department directors and other high-ranking officials of the companies in person and remotely.

Our colleague gave an introduction to the structure of the Izolyator Group, the activities and products of its divisions, as well as the latest achievements in the field of development and production of high-voltage insulating equipment.

Presentation of the Izolyator Group, its structure and products at one of the meetings of the Vietnam-Indonesia business tour

During the discussions, representatives of the receiving companies highly appreciated the quality and technical and operational features of Izolyator high-voltage bushings and noted their strict compliance with national and international standards, confirmed by relevant certificates.


EVN National Power Transmission Corporation

The EVN National Power Transmission Corporation (EVN NPT) is responsible for development and operation of the nationwide power transmission system. The main activities are: to effectively realize electric power transmission, to invest in grid development, to operate, maintain and service the network, to render consulting services in regard to construction and investment, monitoring of project realization, training and developing employees for management, operation and maintenance of the power system. The 500 kV lines system plays the ‘backbone’ of the national electricity system. The company is headquartered in Hanoi.

Successful completion of negotiations with the Vietnamese state power grid company EVN National Power Transmission Corporation in Hanoi


Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation

Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation (EEMC) is a leading power equipment manufacturer in Southeast Asia and the only to make 220–500 kV transformers in Vietnam. The company has years of experience of design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of electrical equipment for the national grid, for instance, for such large national projects as NhoQuan 500 kV, thermal power substation VungAng 500 kV, many other stations. The plant is located in Hanoi.

Participants of the meeting at the Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation plant in Hanoi


PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero)

PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) — PT. PLN (Persero) is an Indonesian National Electricity Company that generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to various categories of consumers throughout the country. The Company develops electricity infrastructure such as transmission networks, substations, and distribution networks, as well as increase installed capacity for power supply. The company holds a monopoly on the distribution of electricity in Indonesia and it is the second-largest state company by assets. The head office of the Company is located in Jakarta.

Negotiators at Indonesian state energy company PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) in Jakarta


PT. Trafoindo Prima Perkasa

PT. Trafoindo Prima Perkasa is Indonesia’s leading manufacturer of medium voltage transformers and related products that are essential for distributing electricity to power urban and rural communities, industries, all types of commercial and residential buildings as well as mass transport infrastructure. Since 1981, the Company has consistently applied the latest manufacturing technology and technical solutions to support the country’s rapid growth in electrification, urbanization and digitization. PT. Trafoindo Prima Perkasa is Indonesia’s largest integrated transformer manufacturer servicing utility and multiple industry segments. The PT. Trafoindo Prima Perkasa factory is located in Tangerang.

Participants of the meeting at the PT. Trafoindo Prima Perkasa plant in Tangerang, Indonesia


PT. Elsewedy Electric Indonesia

PT. Elsewedy Electric Indonesia is a power transformer manufacturer in Indonesia with capabilities ranging up to 400 MVA and up to 500 kV. Recognized for its comprehensive range of electrical infrastructure products such as Power Transformer, Mobile Substation, and end-to-end solution services for Engineering and Construction. PT. Elsewedy Electric Indonesia offers turnkey solutions with end-to-end services for Engineering and Construction by encompassing aspects of design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, and servicing. The PT. Elsewedy Electric Indonesia factory is located in Bogor.

Negotiators at the PT. Elsewedy Electric Indonesia enterprise in Bogor


PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik

PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik is an Indonesian manufacturer that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and testing of any transformer up to 150 MVA and 150 kV. PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik’s technical expertise and production capacity have allowed Sintra to become one of the top suppliers of transformers for PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero), Indonesian National Electricity Company, and for numerous private sector businesses in Indonesia. The PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik factory is located in Bekasi.

Negotiators at the PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik plant in Bekasi, Indonesia


PT. XD Sakti Indonesia

PT. XD Sakti Indonesia is producing various types of transformer from 70 to 500 kV including sales, repair and after-sales services. The annual production capacity is more than 10.500 MVA. The PT. XD Sakti factory is located in Bekasi. PT. XD Sakti Indonesia is a joint venture company between China XD Group and Central Cipta Murdaya. China XD Group (XD Group for short) is one of the largest electric engineering and manufacturing of various of high, extra high and ultra-high voltage AC/DC power transmission and distribution equipment as well as in research & development and trade & financial services in this field.

Participants of the meeting at the PT enterprise. XD Sakti Indonesia in Bekasi


PT. Bambang Djaja

PT. Bambang Djaja, better known as B&D Transformer, is the leading manufacturer of Power, Distribution and Instrument Transformers in Indonesia. The Company produces many different types of transformers including power transformer, distribution transformer, mobile transformer, single phase and three phase transformers, oil immersed and dry type (cast resin), ranging from 15 kVA up to 500 MVA with voltage ratings up to 275 kV. The factories of PT. Bambang Djaja are located in Surabaya and Mojokerto.

Remote talks with representatives of PT. Bambang Djaja from PT. Tri Mitra Elektrik office in Tangerang, Indonesia

There is a comprehensive action plan for the strategic partnership development between the Russian Federation and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (2021–2025) consistently implemented. It includes ongoing work on the development of cooperation in the field of energy, one of the directions of which is the establishment of direct business contacts with power companies and electrical engineering companies in the countries of the region.

Guided by this development vector and in support of the comprehensive action plan, the Izolyator Group will continue to increase efforts to establish sustainable and long-term cooperation with partners in the countries of Southeast Asia.