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The strategy of cooperation between the Voronezh Transformer plant and the Izolyator Group has been formed

On 13 March 2023, the head of the Izolyator Group Alexander Slavinsky visited the Voronezh Transformer plant and met with the management of the enterprise.

The Voronezh Transformer plant manufactures, sells and services power transformers and autotransformers up to 363 kV and with capacity up to 250 MVA, transformers for mobile substations, traction transformers for locomotives and high-speed trains. Voronezh Transformer is part of the Inter RAO Group.

The delegation of the Izolyator Group also included OEM Sales Director Maxim Zagrebin.

Representatives of the Izolyator Group got acquainted with the production and met with the management of Voronezh Transformer.

Management of the Izolyator Group at the Voronezh Transformer plant 

The key topic of the meeting was the strategy of cooperation between the two companies.

Within the topic, the parties agreed on common long-term goals, discussed the fundamental principles for setting up a mutually beneficial partnership, outlined a series of joint projects with different implementation periods in the foreseeable future.

Voronezh Transformer Plant (photo: Alexander ‘Russos’ Popov, LiveJournal)

Also during the talks, the parties discussed new areas of joint activity. The first of them is interaction in procurement of materials and components for the production needs. One more direction is the application, range and prospected volumes of purchases of high-voltage cable accessories made by the Izolyator-AKS plant of the Izolyator Group of companies for completing Voronezh Transformer products.

On the practical side, the parties identified a number of successive steps to optimize interaction at all stages of the of upcoming joint projects implementation.

Testing of manufactured equipment at the Voronezh Transformer plant (photo: Alexander ‘Russos’ Popov, LiveJournal)

Thus, the meeting set the vector for further development of cooperation between Voronezh Transformer and the Izolyator Group both in the short and long term.