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Environmental protection

The key task of Izolyator in environmental protection is to consistently reduce the negative impact of the company's activities on the environment.

To effectively reach this target, the enterprise operates the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which operates and develops as part of the Integrated Management System of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety.

The environmental management policy is determined by Izolyator's management, which takes responsibility for it, actively supports the achievement of the set goals, ensures the fulfillment of the necessary requirements, and determines the directions for further development of the Environmental Management System.

The company management takes all possible actions to reduce and prevent negative impact on the environment, relying on the financial capabilities and significant environmental aspects of the enterprise by constantly improving the design processes and manufacturing technology of products.

Questions and answers on environmental safety

- Does your enterprise pollute the air?

- At the enterprise, all sources of emissions into the air are equipped with gas cleaning units (ECU) that meet modern requirements. Measurements of the parameters of exhaust gases from the equipment are made according to the schedule. As the sampling results show, pollutants emitted into the air after the ECU do not exceed the maximum permissible concentration.

- Is the industrial waste generated at the plant harmful to the soil and air?

- All waste generated on the territory of the enterprise is sorted by hazard classes, placed in specialized containers at the temporary accumulation site in accordance with the waste generation standards and limits for their disposal. Further, the waste is transferred for neutralization, processing or disposal to organizations licensed to carry out these types of activities.

We, at Izolyator, realize our responsibility. The company annually makes environmental payments to the federal budget of the Russian Federation, monitors and develops measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment: environmental protection measures in 2019