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Service Centre

The SVN–Service Centre provides high quality maintenance, comprehensive diagnostics, waranty and post-waranty repairs of Izolyator Plant bushings at any power facilities including Russian and foreign Nuclear Power Plants.

The Service Centre activities include the following ones:

  • High voltage bushing and power transformer inspection and diagnostics, provision of expert opinions if bushings are servicable and maintainable;
  • Repairs of bushings to recover insulation parameters at customers' facilities;
  • Application of hydrophobic polymer coating on porcelain insulation;
  • Used bushing replacement;
  • Supply and installation of the following supplies:
    • Power transformers, and other substation equipment;
    • Equipment for oil sampling and live bushing topping-up;
    • Equipment to measure bushing and power transformer electric parameters;
  • Consulting, workshops, trainings relevant to high voltage bushing operation and testing;
  • Provision of details on Izolyator Plant new products on request.

A warranty is provided.