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Testing Lab

Testing Lab

The Izolyator test center is accredited by the Federal Service for Accreditation as a testing laboratory (ISO / IEC 17025) in the field of high-voltage AC and DC bushings testing, as well as porcelain (ceramic) insulators.

Bushings are tested for voltages from 12 to 1200 kV for compliance with the requirements of Russian and international standards.

Primary tests:

  • Tests with alternating voltage of mains frequency 50 Hz up to 1200 kV;
  • Tests with direct current voltage up to ±1600 kV;
  • Tests with the full lightning impulse or with the chopped lightning impulse 1.2/50 µs;
  • Tests with switching impulse 250/2500 µs;
  • Tests with rated current up to 8 kA;
  • Measuring of key electrical specifications (capacitance, dielectric loss tangent, partial discharge factor, resistance and impedance, etc.);
  • Thermal stability tests;
  • Tests for humidification;
  • Leak tightness tests;
  • Mechanical tests;
  • Other types of tests.

Along with:

The manufacturers of key testing and measuring equipment are Haefely Test AG (Switzerland), Hipotronics Inc. (U.S.), TUR (Germany) and other Russian and worldwide manufacturers. All testing equipment and measuring instruments comply with standards' requirements.

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The Electrochemical laboratory conducts:

  • Insulating oil examinations;
  • Study if component materials are compatible with insulating oil;
  • Receiving inspections for materials;
  • Chemical analysis of insulating components;
  • Other testing.

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